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→ Computational Engineer, PhD Student, Digital Creator.
@ RWTH Aachen University / University of Stuttgart
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# Researching PDE eigenvalue problems, asymptotic analysis of expanding domains, directional homogenization, preconditioners for eigenvalue algorithms, preconditioners for linear solvers, spectral coarse spaces for domain decomposition, and Galerkin methods for moment models in rarefied gas modelling.
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A Quasi-Optimal Factorization Preconditioner for Periodic Schrödinger Eigenstates in Anisotropically Expanding Domains
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis Vol. 60, Iss. 5 (2022)
09/2022Lambert TheisenBenjamin Stamm

Picture of the authorPicture of the authorPicture of the authorThis paper provides a provably quasi-optimal preconditioning strategy of the linear Schrödinger eigenvalue problem with periodic potentials for a possibly nonuniform spatial expansion of the domain. The quasi-optimality is achieved by having the iterative eigenvalue algorithms converge in a constant number of iterations for different domain sizes. In the analysis, we derive an analytic factorization of the spectrum and asymptotically describe it using concepts from the homogenization theory. This decomposition allows us to express the eigenpair as an easy-to-calculate cell problem solution combined with an asymptotically vanishing remainder. We then prove that the easy-to-calculate limit eigenvalue can be used in a shift-and-invert preconditioning strategy to bound the number of eigensolver iterations uniformly. Several numerical examples illustrate the effectiveness of this quasi-optimal preconditioning strategy.

Keywords: # periodic Schrödinger equation# iterative eigenvalue solvers# preconditioner# asymptotic eigenvalue analysis# factorization principle# directional homogenization
fenicsR13: A Tensorial Mixed Finite Element Solver for theLinear R13 Equations Using the FEniCS Computing Platform
ACM Trans. Math. Softw. 47, 2, Article 17 (April 2021)
04/2021Lambert TheisenManuel Torrilhon

Picture of the authorPicture of the authorPicture of the authorWe present a mixed finite element solver for the linearized regularized 13-moment equations of non-equilibrium gas dynamics. The Python implementation builds upon the software tools provided by the FEniCS computing platform. We describe a new tensorial approach utilizing the extension capabilities of FEniCS’ Unified Form Language to define required differential operators for tensors above second degree. The presented solver serves as an example for implementing tensorial variational formulations in FEniCS, for which the documentation and literature seem to be very sparse. Using the software abstraction levels provided by the Unified Form Language allows an almost one-to-one correspondence between the underlying mathematics and the resulting source code. Test cases support the correctness of the proposed method using validation with exact solutions. To justify the usage of extended gas flow models, we discuss typical application cases involving rarefaction effects. We provide the documented and validated solver publicly.

Keywords: # tensorial mixed finite element method# R13 equations# FEniCS project# continuous interior penalty


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Selected classes

Vortragsübung Höhere Mathematik 1 für Ingenieure
(global exercise higher mathematics 1 for engineers)
WS22~1000Unversity of Stuttgart

The class is about the basic concepts of linear algebra. For example:

  • logics
  • numbers, sets, inequalities
  • euclidian vectorspace
  • linear systems of equations
  • transformations and transformation groups
  • principal axis transformations
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Selected Projects

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You can contact me directly via the e-mail address Maillmbrt∂ or Maillambert.theisen∂ preferrable using PGP encryption. My PGP key can be found on the keyserver or you can directlty download it here using the link lt-pgpkey.asc. The corresponding sigature reads 9C32 B2D9 E59B 09C1 72AB C577 F2C2 52C0 F331 EB87.


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